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How to Accessorize During Winter

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January 10, 2023

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What better time to talk about accessories than in the dead of winter! We have had so many questions about accessorizing in winter lately, so much so that we thought we might as well compile everything into a blog post. Accessories are a great way to express your Style Archetypes/personality and turn your outfit into something unique. They have the capacity to communicate information about yourself without having to say anything at all! Whether you love statement-making jewelry or a simple stud earring, there is something for everyone. 

Visual traits of the Archetypes

This is where knowing your Style Archetypes comes in handy. Each of the Archetypes embodies certain visual qualities from head to toe – and that includes accessories! Once we determine what our clients’ unique combination of Archetypes is, we are able to truly refine what types of accessories we should be looking for. 

All of this begs the question – how do I accessorize in winter, when it is effing cold outside?! Especially if you are located further north and experience freezing temperatures for months on end. Either you hibernate or wrap yourself in chunky knits and insulated coats to the point that you aren’t recognizable anymore. We get it. But even despite the winter frost, you can show up for yourself! 

Carrying the festive mood into the new year

We will give it to you point blank – now is the time to bust out the bling – not the time to dull your sparkle. This is Style Psychology 101. We still need happiness, joy, and light, all of the things we associate with being festive. And we know that thinking about jewelry and other accessories during these months can feel a little unpractical. But anytime we feel this way, we try to fight the urge to go without. Why? Because we don’t ever want to feel blah. Just because it’s cold out doesn’t mean you stop being you. 

Stick a pin in it!

Some of our go-to choices for accessorizing in winter are brooches and pins. Having a statement attached to your lapel can be a huge boost! Also, it’s a little difficult to wear these items during the warmer months, so take advantage! For example, Shelly loves to have her gunmetal scorpion brooch on her blazer as a statement piece, being the Scorpio she is. Audrey loves to add multiple smaller pins to her blazer lapel to add bling and interest. It’s all about leaning into the things you love. 

Clean & repair

Note: It’s also a great time of year to clean and repair your jewelry, to serve as a detox from the previous year, and freshen things up. Caring for your special items also motivates you to put them on display, whether that means refreshing your jewelry storage or literally putting these items on your body! 

Purchase with intention

No matter what kind of item we are talking about, we always ask our clients to purchase with intention. And right now, we know you need to be warm. That is a necessity! So why not opt for those thick scarves, ear muffs, and knit hats in colors that are within your season/sub-season’s palette? Or also a fun print or unique knit pattern that vibes with your Style Archetypes? For example, a Romantic is going to gravitate towards faux fur when choosing a scarf, while a Classic wouldn’t think twice about reaching for that quintessential Burberry Classic Check cashmere scarf.

Can we break up with black already?

That said, one of the most fascinating things we encounter during the winter months is how everyone gravitates toward black clothing. Black coats, black knit caps, black boots – it’s everywhere! But the color black lives only in the Winter palette, and function does not have to override our style tools. 

Our colors bring out the best in our complexion, rain or shine (or snow). This cold time of year already has the capacity to bring our moods down and dull our spirits, so why would you purposefully dull your vibe? Opt for something within your neutral palette for everyday wear, and add in a statement color from your palette when you want to jazz things up!

Adding pops of color

We have our knit essentials, so now what? The next thing we would think about for accessorizing in winter is lip and nail color! While these are not what we might consider a traditional accessory, adding pops of color where you can goes a long way! Again, choosing colors within your sub-seasonal palette will act as a binding agent for the rest of your outfit. 

If you aren’t into color on your nails, you can always opt for an interesting glove to keep those mittens warm! Some Archetypes, like Dramatic and Cosmopolitan, will always gravitate towards fitted leather gloves with structured lines, while a Natural is totally at home in knit gloves or natural fibers like shearling. (We try to opt for faux leather and faux shearling for our animal friends.)

While you’re all bundled up, a lip color can communicate your style even when the world at large cannot tell what you have on underneath that head-to-toe puffer coat. We are not saying you must sport a bold lip to look put together, especially if that doesn’t resonate with your Archetypes. You can simply choose a lip balm or chapstick that has some color to it to achieve the same effect! 

Keep the light on

Little tricks like these for accessorizing in winter that can sustain us while we bide our time through this season of frost and snow. It’s important to do little things for yourself during this time when we are prone to seasonal affective disorder and cabin fever. This is especially true if you just simply cannot get out of your home during this time. Ultimately, the choices you make when it comes to your wardrobe, as well as each individual outfit, isn’t about pleasing other people – it’s about being there for yourself. 

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