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What The Heck is a Style Archetype?

February 2, 2022

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What are Style Archetypes?

At Flourish, we use the phrase “style archetype” constantly. In fact, we find it near impossible to discuss clothing and accessories without mentioning it! Style Archetyping is a brilliant concept that was developed based on the knowledge and experience of image consulting professionals and educators including image pioneer Alyce Parsons. Over the years, Audrey has taken this concept and refined it through her own experiences in aiding clients on their path to personal style discovery. A style archetype supports the process of honing in on how to best express who you are on the inside through how you dress on the outside! All of that begs the question, what the heck is a style archetype? 

We are surrounded by archetypes!

We see archetypes literally everywhere. Through Zodiac signs, Myers-Briggs personalities, and Enneagrams types, we have systems that help us understand the world around us. In fact, there are probably hundreds of archetype categorizations, and style is no exception. Archetypes allow us to identify patterns in human behavior and give them a name. For example, DiSC assessments help us define our roles professionally and build better teams in the workplace. Astrology informs us that Scorpios are mysterious. Capricorns are workaholics. Cancers are crybabies. As you nod your head, you understand that not all Aries are the same, yet they hold many of the same qualities that allow them to be typified in this way.

“Archetyping” applies to style in the same kind of way. It shows up as a combination of personality traits, interests, and ideals. By analyzing these three components, we formulate predictable values, design elements, and event textile preferences within your archetype! Do you prefer to be comfortable or do you bleed for fashion? Are you experimental with your fashion choices, or traditional? Do you want to convey your all-knowing, quiet wisdom or your wide range of emotions through your appearance? Each archetype has its own set of qualities, but it is worth noting that almost everyone is a combination of two, sometimes three, style archetypes. 

Identifying Your Archetype

After studying Alyce Parson’s Universal Style during her time at The Fashion Institute of Technology, Audrey has developed her own method of identifying your style archetypes. The Flourish Method is an in-depth, three-part questionnaire that takes stock of your personality traits, understanding how you spend your time or wish you spent your time and charting your aspirations. Through this exploration, we discover the eight Flourish Archetypes! Here at Flourish HQ, the archetypes are Dramatic, Cosmopolitan, Classic, Natural, Creative, Gamine, Ingenue, and Romantic. Their names may give you some idea of what qualities they embody, but let’s take a closer look at each archetype and its core characteristics. 

Flourish Style Archetypes



Expressing intensity and severity

Dramatic  Dramatic  

Key traits: bold, intimidating, powerful 

Core interests: upscale dining, international travel, art galleries

Primary aspirations: experienced, striking, a force

Style defined by: severe, avant-garde, statement pieces

Might frequent: AllSaints, Anine Bing, The Row



Expressing curation and refinement


Key traits: elegant, confident, refined 

Core interests: VIP events, charity balls, luxury travel 

Primary aspirations: elevated, influential, in-demand

Style defined by: chic, sophisticated, on the pulse [trend setter]

Might frequent: Cinq à Sept, 1.State, Reiss



Expressing reasonable, tried and true

Classic   Classic  

Key traits: appropriate, organized, responsible

Core interests: private clubs, networking, nonprofit boards

Primary aspirations: reliable, put together, the go-to woman 

Style defined by: principled, tailored, tried and true, clean 

Might frequent: Max Mara, J.Crew, Tuckernuck



Expressing freedom, unpretentious 

Natural Natural Natural

Key traits: down to earth, easy-going, low maintenance

Core interests: experiential travel, coffee shops, picnic lunches

Primary aspirations: approachable, open-minded, effortless

Style defined by: relaxed, comfortable, laid-back 

Might frequent: Madewell, Everlane, Universal Thread



Expressing individuality, authenticity

Creative Creative Creative

Key traits: artistic, eclectic, visionary

Core interests: art exhibits, live music, vintage shopping

Primary aspirations: intriguing, imaginative, unconventional 

Style defined by: expressive, authentic, original 

Might frequent: SEA, Baum und Pferdgarten, Staud



Expressing uniqueness, nonconformity 

Gamine Gamine  Gamine

Key traits: mischievous, analytical, naughty

Core interests: create a podcast, trendy bars, film festivals

Primary aspirations: offbeat, fast-paced, interesting

Style defined by: androgynous, playful, retro

Might frequent: Boden, ModCloth, J.Ing



Expressing charm and trust

Ingenue Ingenue Ingenue

Key traits: detailed, girly, sweet 

Core interests: brunch, girls night, volunteering

Primary aspirations: feminine, thinks of everything, accommodating

Style defined by: girlish, feminine, soft

Might frequent: Loveshackfancy, Rachel Parcell, Lauren Conrad



Expressing emotions and magnetism 

Romantic   Romantic

Key traits: sensitive, sentimental, affectionate

Core interests: intimate dates, creative classes, pampering appointments

Primary aspirations: magnetic, luxurious, open book

Style defined by: alluring, exaggerated, glamorous 

Might frequent: Jonathan Simkhai, Anthropologie, Express



Why Style Archetypes Matter

Identifying your style archetypes allows Audrey, as your stylist, to build an authentic wardrobe for you. It is worth noting that archetypes are NOT meant to trap you or put you in a box. Everyone should feel empowered to be playful and experimental with their style. We are all unique and we love to celebrate that! It is meant to be one of the many tools in our toolbox, along with your Flourish Color Analysis, body architecture, and lifestyle. 

Can My Archetype Change?

One frequent question we get is, can my style archetype change? To that, we say, yes and no. What holds true most of the time is that people have a combination of two Archetypes. The Archetype they have the highest score in holds for the long term. It is who you have been and who you will continue to be! Consider it as the foundation of your style. The Archetype that comes in second tends to resonate with who you are in this season of life. Essentially, it can be situational. We are constantly evolving and growing as we learn and experience the world – the same is true for our style! 

Interested in learning more about style archetypes? Stay tuned! We are going to deep dive into each of the style archetypes and unravel what makes each of them tick.

Want to know what your style archetypes are? We can help! Click here to book your virtual appointment with Audrey for just $298. It’s never too late to start your own style discovery journey.

x, Shelly


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