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How To Be A Natural And Still Look Put Together

the natural archetype

August 26, 2022

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The Natural Archetype

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When we think about each of the eight Style Archetypes, we acknowledge that each one has its own set of unique characteristics, struggles, goals, and expressions. One archetype, in particular, we see very often – is the Natural. It is not uncommon to find women who value an easy breezy lifestyle and comfort above all else. We live in such a fast-paced world these days, so to us, this makes complete sense. 

Combining Archetypes

When we perform our style archetyping service, we take the top 2 (sometimes 3 depending on the scores) archetypes in order to define a well-rounded example of your personal style. The Natural tends to be paired with most of the other archetypes equally, but we see it less frequently with Dramatic, Cosmopolitan, and Gamine. This means that we most often see Natural paired with Classic, Creative, Ingenue, or Romantic. 

There are a variety of Natural styles!

The Natural archetype resonates with each of our clients differently and plays with the other archetypes in ways that allow for extremely individualized style. It is worth noting that Natural does not equal “granola hippie” style. If that resonates with you, we think that’s great! If not, don’t worry. As we said before, Natural values ease and comfort, and that is manifested in a multitude of ways. All of that being said, there is a common thread that connects all of these Naturals together, which is – “How can I be a Natural and still look put together?” 

Comfort is key

Since comfort is key for this archetype, it can be difficult or even annoying to set aside time for considering outfits and not going for the same, comfy top over and over and over again…we know the struggle is real. Therefore, we wanted to support all you Naturals out there with our top tips for embodying your archetype and looking put together at the same time. 

Our tips for Naturals

First and foremost, it is really important for Naturals to keep their items in good condition. Oftentimes, clothing made of natural fibers (which is like the proverbial moth to the flame for a Natural) show wear sooner. Ensuring that a little more time is spent being mindful with the laundry goes a long way in keeping clothing in good shape and in wearable condition. 

Balance, baby!

Second, from an image consulting perspective, balance is key! This means having a combination of structured and unstructured items together. For example, if you have a structured pant or jean (by structured we don’t mean not hard or rigid), pair them with a softer knit sweater or a flowy blouse. This creates a sense of balance and order in an outfit while still feeling physically comfortable and looking free-spirited. 

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Shop this look

Alternatively, you could style a less structured bottom like a chambray skirt or linen pants with a more fitted or structured top, or even a structured layering piece with a tee-shirt. Think jean jacket or cropped blazer with a flowy bottom and fitted undershirt. 

Shop this look

Shop this look

Oh my god, shoes

An easy way to elevate your style is through your choice of shoe. It’s worth saying that style is NOT synonymous with discomfort. Looking good doesn’t have to hurt and that is a huge point for the Natural. There are all kinds of comfort-first shoes that are also stylish, from flats and sandals to sneakers and boots. 

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Pucker up, buttercup

If you’re looking to elevate your beauty routine with minimal effort and maximum impact, elect for a sheer gloss or lip stain in your season. Nowadays, there are creams and sticks that you can apply to your lips, cheeks, AND eyelids. You gain the time it takes to open several individual products, choose your colors, and it just takes up less space. Plus, the time you save here will help you with the next part! 

Our favorite easy breezy beauty products for Naturals

Our biggest challenge for you, Natural

We know this last one can get difficult due to a variety of reasons. But we would challenge you to try to give yourself a minimum of 5 extra minutes when you’re getting ready to put on at least one accessory. Between being a little bit frazzled and trying to get out the door as quickly as possible, it’s easy to overlook this step or to think it isn’t that important. Adding a little something to your outfit goes a long way! 

Must-have Natural accessories that take no time at all!

In terms of accessories, choose one thing with sparkle, sheen, or texture. A necklace with a natural stone or a gauzy scarf in coordinating colors. Earrings take like 2 seconds to put on! Opt for hammered brass or a simple stud.  

Practicing authenticity

With clothing, we are able to put together a physical representation of our inner self to the world. By incorporating these practices into your routine, you can still be authentically you while injecting a little “oomph” into your style. These practices don’t take much time at all, and ensure that you’re putting your best foot forward and building a strong foundation of self-confidence. 

If you don’t know what your style archetypes are and are curious to know more, check out our overview of all eight archetypes! If you’re ready to discover your own style archetypes, get in touch! You can set up a discovery call with Audrey to start the process of digging deeper into your personal style. What are you waiting for?

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