We are a woman-centric styling collective grounded in empowerment, authenticity, and inclusivity.

Our agency is rooted in the inspiration that came out of seeing our clients Flourish

Flourish is the long-standing brainchild of Audrey Rockett-Collins, who founded her own image consulting business in 2012. Her passion for helping all women practice authenticity and tap into self-discovery is completely all encompassing.

Through her work, Flourish was born with the mission of elevating all of our clients by empowering them to be themselves and giving them the tools necessary to be confident, self-loving, and true to who they are.

Where it all began

Our team of stylists



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Audrey is the founder and Head Stylist of Flourish. She is a certified Image Consultant through the Fashion Institute of Technology and a proud member of the AICI. She uses her formal education to mentor other stylists and is a leader in her field.

Shelly joined the Flourish team in 2021 and is our Creative Director and Lead Stylist! Her passion as a stylist is being accessible to anyone who wants to work with her and focuses largely on offering virtual services. She is also the voice of our blog!


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