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Gone are the days of staring hopelessly into a closet that doesn't serve you. It's time to love the way you look.

Virtual Sort, Shop & Style

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This service is the virtual version of the Sort, Shop & Style! We set the stage with our 3 foundational services then go on to edit and archive your closet and curate a wardrobe that is tailored to your personal style, needs, and goals. Feel ready to invest in becoming your best, authentic self?

Sort, Shop & Style

Our signature deep-dive

This service is your one stop shop for strategy, clarity, and support. Flourish has ben offering this service since 2012 and like a fine wine, it just keeps getting better and better. It includes everything from our foundational services to a complete wardrobe overhaul. Are you ready to change your life?

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Ways to work with us:

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If you are interested in working with us, but want to take a smaller bite, we can start with our Foundational Services. 

This service includes:
  • Color Analysis
  • Body Architecture Analysis
  • Style Archetyping
  • Personalized Style File with your results
  • Mood Board
  • Shoppable Capsule Concept of 40 items
  • Capsule Look Book with 10 styled looks
  • 14 days of stylist support after delivery of your results

The Image Intensive is an investment of $1,348 and is offered virtually or as a hybrid service. 

When you look and feel your best, you move differently in the world. When you’re armed with the confidence and self-respect of loving the way you look, you show up and Flourish ♥

Image Intensive:
Setting the Foundation

Wanna take things slow?

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interested in color analysis a la carte?

We offer highly personalized Virtual Color Analysis! This service is $298 and includes a bespoke swatch booklet full of your best colors that is then mailed to you. 

Virtual Color Analysis can be booked at any time and has a 14 day processing time for results.

In-person color analysis

virtual color analysis

Shelly offers In-Person Color Analysis at our Verona, PA studio. This service is $298 and includes a bespoke swatch booklet curated with your best colors. 

Availability is limited each month and requires payment within 24 hours of booking or your slot will be given to the next person on our waitlist. 

We see you. we hear you. we can help.

The mainstream fashion gods would have us believe that trends, "fitting in", and clichè labels are important - but we are here to dispel those destructive messages. We recognize that there is no "one size fits all" approach to personal style. 

Discovering your personal style is an empowering, eye-opening, and sometimes emotional process. We are complex beings! Uncovering the intricacies of each individual's authentic self and bringing it to life on the outside is our greatest passion.

When you look and feel your best, you move differently in the world. When you’re armed with the confidence and self-respect of loving the way you look, you show up and Flourish ♥

What Makes Us Different

The Flourish Way

Seasonal Color Analysis

Seasonal Color Analysis service is designed to uncover the colors that naturally harmonize with your skin undertones, hair color, and eye color. Utilizing the advanced 16-season system, we offer a highly personalized approach to identify your ideal color palette. You’ll not only discover your ideal colors but also learn how to integrate them seamlessly into your wardrobe, makeup, and accessories. Your color palette will not only compliment, but elevate your natural features, turning every outfit in your closet into a statement that rings true to your authentic style and personality. 

Foundations of Image Consulting

Detailed Color Assessment: We analyze your unique coloring to determine your place within the 16-season spectrum using a collection of color drapes in a comparative analysis. 

Seasonal Color Palette: Receive a color palette that covers your main and sub-seasonal palettes, including your wow colors! We can even create a custom booklet with swatches of your best colors to always have on hand. 

Styling Guidance: Learn how to incorporate your best colors in your wardrobe, makeup, hair color, and accessories.

Style Archetyping

Our Style Archetyping method is a proprietary service that our Founder, Audrey, has spent refining over the last 11 years. As a cornerstone of the Flourish experience, it is more than just fashion; it’s about discovering (or rediscovering) the essence of your individuality and learning how to translate it into a style that speaks volumes about who you are. We take you on a guided process of identifying personality traits, lifestyle realities, and your aspirations and goals. We then blend them into an easy to digest style profile comprised of 2-3 Style Archetypes we use as guideposts when building a completely unique and authentic wardrobe. 

In-depth Style Discovery Questionnaire: We go through a lengthy conversational questionnaire with to discuss your most authentic self, from the inside and out. 

Your Style Chart: Receive a custom detailed analysis of your top Style Archetypes, their individual traits, and how they all play together and blend into your unique style. 

A Cohesive Wardrobe: We can select pieces that resonate with your personal style while working harmoniously together, ensuring every item in your closet contributes to a unified, expressive look that's all yours.

Body Architecture Analysis

Body Architecture Analysis is a process we go through to better understand both the exterior lines and interior shapes of your body. Utilizing 3 well-established methodologies, we provide you with a well-rounded understanding of your shapes and proportions. This allows us to move forward with a high level of success with the knowledge of what silhouettes, lines, patterns, cuts, and shapes best suit you and your style goals. When we consider your body architecture as a whole, rather than getting tripped up on inconsistent sizing charts, we are able to experience the way clothing fits in a more productive way. 

Geometry Analysis: After receiving your photos and measurements, we dive into a detailed examination of your body's shapes, proportions, lines, and contours to create a comprehensive understanding of your physical structure. 

Body Blueprint: We provide you with a detailed diagram of your body, which identifies which silhouettes, necklines, hemlines, lines, and shapes are best suited for your body with detailed explanations.

A Fitting Wardrobe: A wardrobe that feels right and reflects your body characteristics contributes to confident personal style. 

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*Our Foundational services are not currently offered à la carte, with the exception of limited slots for Color Analysis with Shelly. Due to the in-depth nature of our processes and expertise, we require new clients to go through the process of all three services with us. 

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We get it

We've all been there... reluctantly going to the mall hoping to recreate ourselves by buying into the season's latest trends. Wishfully, we think to ourselves, "Maybe this time I'll leave with something that actually makes me like the way I look."

But - How can you build a wardrobe you love when you lack clarity on what your personal style actually is?

Let's connect the dots between your style and your personality.

Not located in Pittsburgh?  No problem. We offer most of our services virtually to support clients from all over the world. 

Stop waiting to be who you already are.

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Kind Words

I went from feeling not good enough to feeling like the best version of myself.

— Nora, Founder & President, Pitcher

I was so overwhelmed, I didn’t want to go outside and face the day. 
Audrey came to my rescue!

— Marisa, Hospitalist, MD

Audrey encouraged me to break the rules within the constraints of business dress helped me to feel like me.

— Erin, Science Writer, PHD

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