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2022 Sustainable Style Resolutions

January 4, 2022

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New Year, new you?

Probably not, and that’s okay.

However, it’s natural to see the New Year as a time of rebirth and renewal. Often times we come out of our holiday haze ready to tackle our to-do list, complete projects, explore different parts of ourselves, and restructure our surroundings.

But, when it comes to our closet, we often feel an “All or Nothing” compulsion. Rather than trying to start from scratch and completely kicking your old wardrobe to the curb, I’d like to share some of my best tips for enhancing your style in a sustainable way.

Unearth Your Bins

So many of us shifted our wardrobes to better reflect the changes in our lifestyle throughout 2020 + 2021. If you still have items packed away, it’s time to sort through them! As we enter the third year of the pandemic (sorry!), style is evolving yet again. This time, your style at the center of it all.

If you truly don’t like “hard pants” (aka, jeans, lol) I give you permission to let them go once and for all. However, if you simply packed away your traditional workwear because it felt “silly” to wear it for a Zoom call, dig it back out! Some style archetypes (Classics, I’m looking at you!) truly feel best in structured clothing.

Have you changed sizes since you packed these things away? Consider bringing them to a tailor when you feel safe doing so! You’d be amazed by the creative solutions they may have to help you reunite with your wardrobe.

Overwhelmed by the sorting process? Have more than just a couple of boxes stashed away? Don’t hesitate to call the Flourish team to help you process your past fashions! Click here to schedule some time to chat!

Personal stylist Audrey edits a closet to keep only the best pieces.

Comb through your belongings to curate a wardrobe that is authentic, practical, and inspiring.

Dress For Yourself

As we mentioned, style is shifting again! It’s truly time to start dressing to please your own damn self. Embrace the fact that so many professional dress codes have become lax. Enjoy experimenting through mixing colors and textures that make your heart sing.

2022 is the year your stop waisting time (and money) trying to please others by dressing like someone you’re never going to be. Let this be the year you do you, boo. Not sure what your style is? Start with this exercise.

Once you have a clear idea of what personal style means to you, consider structuring your wardrobe as a capsule, the way I did last fall. Sometimes structure *actually* encourages creativity rather than squashing it. Who knew?!

Audrey stops mid-Pinterest scroll to read a motivational quote from Dian von Furstenberg that reads, "Confidence makes us beautiful and it comes from accepting youself. The moment you accept yourself, it makes everything better."

Audrey stops mid-scroll to reflect on a quote from Diane Von Furstenberg that reads, “Confidence makes us beautiful and it comes from accepting yourself. The moment you accept yourself, it makes everything better.”

Break Up With Boredom

Style ruts happen to all of us but I’m determined to keep myself inspired this year. We all find outfit ideas in traditional forms as we flip through Vogue or Marie Claire but keep your eyes peeled next time you’re binging your favorite Netflix show! If you *still* haven’t hopped on the Pinterest bandwagon, try it! Or, if Instagram is really more your thing, start saving posts to collections so you can easily revisit outfit ideas when you’re drawing a blank.

One of my favorite ways to do this economically and 100% sustainably is to challenge clients to wear pieces that have been collecting dust in their wardrobe. Dig through your closet to uncover items you may have forgot you even owned! Bring them front and center in your space so as you get dressed, you’ll be prompted to give them a whirl.

Shop Second Hand First

Seriously, there are no excuses!

We both know that there are too many apparel items in circulation right now. The only way we will be able to stop the global impact of fast fashion is to vote with our dollars! So, if you feel compelled to add new-to-you pieces to your 2022 ensembles, I implore you to shop preowned to the best of your abilities.

Some of my favorite online resources are Fashionfile, EtsyThredUp, Vestiaire Collective and The Real Real. And when you’re ready to dive in, I have two tips for shopping second hand… that are totally contradictory to one another.

  1. Thrift with a specific vision. If you’re lacking statement jackets in your wardrobe, focus on that! Collect a handful of images that inspire you and capture the look you’re going for. Hone in on specific colors and textures when you’re shopping online or in stores.
  2. Thrift with an open mind. See? I told you. Totally contradictory! If you’re just getting your feet wet in the resale world, allow yourself to become immersed! Explore what you’re naturally gravitating towards. This is a really fun, affordable, and earth friendly way to expand your style horizons.

    Iesha flaunts her sustainable style in three unique looks.


Looking for further thriftspiration? (See what I did there?) Check out the self proclaimed Yoncé of Thrifting. Queen bee Iesha of Thriftntell teaches us so many ways to treasure hunt and recycle dated looks.

PS: If you’re a nerd like me and you’d like to learn more about the inner workings of the fashion industry, be sure to check out my favorite podcast, Clotheshorse. The host Amanda sheds light on some of the biggest misconceptions about the retail world, digs into the realities of greenwashing vs. brands who are truly sustainable, and shares how you can be part of the solution. We’ll be teaming up to discuss the undeniable connection between personal style confidence and a more Earth-friendly in an upcoming episode!

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