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A Capsule Wardrobe for Audrey

audrey deep autumn capsule wardrobe

December 27, 2021

Let's Flourish
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Let’s create a capsule!

In our previous post, we discussed the origins of the capsule wardrobe and the basic concept of what it means in practical terms. Now, we are really going to have some fun and show you a prime example of what a capsule wardrobe can actually look like! Flourish Founder and Personal Stylist Audrey Rockett-Collins created a capsule for Fall 2021 that combines her season (Deep Autumn) and her style archetypes (Romantic + Cosmopolitan). The results are a collection of 27 pieces that embody who she is at her core, and how she presents to the world.

Deep Autumn colors

warm autumn colors

First, let’s look at the colors Audrey chose to represent in her Fall capsule. As an Autumn, she will naturally feel right at home during this time of year. Autumn colors are all around us as the season changes; as leaves turn from green to orange, red, and yellow, and pumpkins pop up literally everywhere we go. It evokes feelings of warmth and coziness, soft flannels, and bonfires.

Those who fall into the Autumn spectrum of color analysis have warm undertones in their skin and have overall muted or haziness to their appearances. Deep Autumns like Audrey have also have contrast and depth to their coloring that is typically seen in very dark hair or eyes.

Incorporating style archetypes

Next, we will factor in Audrey’s style archetype, which is a combination of Romantic and Cosmopolitan! Hold the phone, what is a style archetype you ask?! Stay tuned – we will deep dive into the Flourish Style Archetypes to give you an even greater foundation of what factors make up your own personal style. But for now let’s look at the Romantic and Cosmopolitan archetypes as a little teaser for what’s to come, shall we? 


style archetype romantic

The Romantic Archetype is all about those big feelings! She is all woman; a magnetic force you can’t help but be drawn towards. She is generally sentimental, sensitive, and affectionate. She embraces exaggerated, big-scale fashion but in a rounded, soft way. In Audrey’s Fall Capsule, this is represented through tops with flutter sleeves or large neck details, wide-leg pants in softer fabrics, and ruffled dresses. Her go-to textiles include velvet, charmeuse, and brocade.


cosmopolitan style archetype

The Cosmopolitan Archetype is the ultimate personification of someone who is a trendsetter who doesn’t even have to try. This woman is sophisticated and chic, looking effortless yet extremely put together. She is changing the world, and the world is watching. Cosmopolitan elements in Audrey’s Fall Capsule look like statement bags, plaid, tailored blazers, and sleek power heels. Cosmopolitans love to incorporate sleek leather looks and exotic textiles into their wardrobe.

The finished product

Audrey's 2021 Fall Capsule

When combined, all of these elements play together harmoniously to reflect who Audrey is, allowing her to express on the outside who she is on the inside. This capsule was created to not only give you a great introduction to who Audrey is and what her style looks like, but also to show you that having a capsule isn’t limiting, and it is a realistic way to organize your wardrobe. We all want our mornings to be streamlined and easy, and capsules can do that for you. If these items speak to you, click here to shop them through Finds and discover ways to wear in the Lookbook! There are alternatives that offer inclusive sizing and price points for all budgets.


Interested in streamlining your own wardrobe but don’t know where to begin? Don’t worry – we are here to support you! Schedule a call with Audrey to find out more about what a capsule can do for you. 


x, Shelly

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