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Updating Your Fall Wardrobe

fall wardrobe update

October 25, 2022

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Fall is officially upon us and it is time to celebrate! There is just something about the smell and feel of the crisp, cool air that really makes our hearts soar. From cozy fires in the hearth to hot cocoa (or spiked cider if you’re feeling spicy) there is just so much about this season that lends itself to social gatherings and spending time with those we love. 

Feeling at home in our skin

It would make sense, too, that we would want to feel comfortable and at home in our clothing during this time as well. The miserable heat of summer is gone, so you can actually wear items that make you feel good without sweating profusely. There is a simple kind of joy that comes when you spend a Saturday morning pulling out all of your fall wardrobe goodies that have been so patiently waiting for you to return to them. 


Entering a new season is both exciting and challenging. Maybe your body has changed over the past year and many of your fall staples are either too big or too small. Or maybe your items just don’t feel like you anymore. Perhaps your clothes fit and are fine, but you want to incorporate a couple of new items to jazz things up. 

Whatever the case may be, revamping your wardrobe can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be! For easy, breezy shopping we have curated some fall staples from our favorite brands that can help you fill the voids you find in your closet.

Shopping sustainably for your fall wardrobe

Of course and as always, if you would like to stop by our brick-and-mortar, Found, you can receive personalized support from one of our team members. Or if you feel that your needs are just completely overwhelming, reach out to us and one of our Flourish stylists can help you either virtually, or in person (in the Pittsburgh area, of course). You never have to go it alone.

Go-to tops for your fall wardrobe

Choosing the right top during rollercoaster temperatures is arguably one of the most difficult parts of getting dressed in the mornings. We know that some of us get super excited to break out our sweaters again, and are perhaps a bit too quick to incorporate them into our daily routines and come to regret it with the afternoon sun. 

Now is a great time to incorporate long-sleeve tops that are lightweight and breathable. Fabrics like satin, cotton, high-quality polyester and lace provide coverage while not overwhelming you with warmth. You could also opt for a short sleeve top paired with a layer you can take off as needed, like a cardigan, blazer, or light jacket.

Blazin’ blazers

If you can only add one special item to spice up your fall wardrobe, we would highly recommend opting for a blazer. Blazers sometimes get a reputation for being only work attire or might feel too stuffy or structured for casual wear. We are here to argue that blazers are for any and every day of the week and that they have the capacity to elevate an otherwise casual outfit just enough so that you feel more put together. 

You can opt for blazers that are in a fun print, have a less structured cut, or don’t have pronounced shoulders (we have a love/hate relationship with shoulder pads). The best blazer for you will ultimately depend on your unique combination of style archetypes, but we collected some of our favorite blazers for this season in a variety of styles so you can see which one calls to you! 

Versatile bottoms

Getting dressed in the fall season can be tricky due to the sporadic temperature changes. You go out in the morning and have crisp, cool temperatures, and then in the afternoon, you’re sweating! Therefore, it is super important to choose the right items to get you through these days. Having your blazer handy for the morning is great, but you can always take it off throughout the day as needed. 

Unfortunately, you can’t take your pants off when you get hot (big bummer, we know) so opt for fabrics that aren’t too heavy and not too light. When you are looking at jeans, you may want to steer clear of denim that is thick and stiff (typically has no stretch whatsoever). Save these for winter! 

Ponte knit leggings are great for transitional weather as well because they tend to be super comfortable and not terribly thick. They are certainly a better option than your chic faux leather leggings for the time being. And of course, a cotton chino material is super breathable yet provides the leg coverage you desire. If you’re feeling daring, a lightweight corduroy also does the trick. 

Fall wardrobe boot scootin’ boogie boots

Finding the right boot for the fall weather in your region will highly depend on where you are. In Texas, for example, fall isn’t quite the same as fall in Pittsburgh. For those of you who are in warmer areas, boots or booties with perforations, open toe, or open heel are the perfect way to transition. In the cooler, northern areas you can go full-on boot at this point! If your afternoons do get quite warm, we would hold off on boots with a high shaft for now. 

Scarves and hats

Accessories can be an economical way to spruce up your wardrobe if you aren’t interested in spending lots of money on new items. Also, in our experience, items like scarves tend to show wear more quickly than say, a jean, because the fuzzy, soft materials can get frazzled much easier. You’ll want to do a visual evaluation of your fall and winter accessories as you incorporate them back into your wardrobe. 

The great thing about scarves is that they come in so many different materials, weights, and styles. You can really make a statement about who you are with a scarf! We know that things like this can sometimes come as an afterthought when getting dressed, but we would encourage you to put a little more thought into it. It can bring an outfit together cohesively, and it can also make an outfit look completely random.

The same goes for hats! We now get to migrate from straw to wool. It wasn’t that long ago that hats were a socially mandatory part of an outfit. Hats have the ability to really bring a look together, make it look more thoughtful and intentional, and again, bring more of your personality to the table.

Feeling ready to embrace the season?

If you feel that you need additional support resetting your closet for the upcoming seasons, don’t hesitate to reach out to us! Whether you need a closet cleanout, a shopping appointment at Found, or are ready for a completely new approach to your wardrobe, we are here to lend our support and know-how! We are working on expanding our virtual offerings, so keep an ear to the ground for upcoming announcements!

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