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Best Oranges for Spring and Autumn


October 7, 2022

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Let’s talk about orange!

Orange you glad it’s time to talk about orange – better late than navel! These oranges get the peel of approval. 

Orange is such an interesting fruit, er, color. The word itself rhymes with literally no other word, and before the fruit was introduced to the English-speaking world, the color was referred to as “yellow-red” or “red-yellow.” But one thing is for sure, they sure are delicious. The flavor of an orange actually describes the color itself. Bright, happy, and sunny. We tend to think of summer days with beautiful sunlight beaming through the windows or a sultry sunset. 

Analyzing the oranges

In terms of color analysis, this color is exclusively in the palette for Springs and Autumns. Sorry Winter and Summer gals, this post does not include you! Sadly, your palettes do not have orange. This is because orange is an extremely warm color, and no shade or variant of it is cool enough for you. And by cool we mean in terms of hue – the scale of warm to cool.

Of course, if orange is your favorite color and you are not a Spring or Autumn, just go for it! We would never tell you not to wear a color you love. All we want is for you to have all the tools necessary to curate a wardrobe in colors that love you back the best

Therefore, this post will be a short and sweet one – as we look at oranges that resonate best with our Spring and Autumn gals. We will let the colors speak for themselves!

Orange for Springs

Oranges for Springs are light and bright. They have no heaviness to them whatsoever. They are actually quite tropical, like papaya, coral haze, and tangerine. Very fruity, very fun. Apricot and pale peach count in this palette as well, as lighter shades of orange.

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The reality is that Springs and Autumns share many of the same oranges. They share many of the lighter shades shown here, if not all of them. The big difference is Spring is quite limited to the lighter, brighter shades, while Autumn gets to delve into the muted, deeper shades. Spring in the darker shades of orange runs the risk of looking overwhelmed by color. 

Orange for Autumns

Rust, terracotta, and burnt orange are exclusive to the Autumn palette, which really goes in the direction of what we think of when we think of fall – the changing colors of the leaves, the iconic PSL, and bonfires. And luckily enough, that season is upon us! 

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While there aren’t so many shades of orange out there, it is a powerful color that can really bring out the bright rays of a Spring and the warm depth of an Autumn.

The big picture

We have a variety of all colors within each season’s palette on our curated Pinterest boards if you would like to see more real-life examples. If you don’t know what your season is and are brimming with curiosity, reach out to us! Even if you are not located in Pittsburgh or Austin, we got you. We are working on offering our color analysis services in a virtual capacity! Stay tuned for more information in the coming weeks. We can start the process of not only uncovering the color palette that jives with your vibe, but we can also talk about style archetypes and really hone in on what makes you, YOU. 

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