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8 Products to Extend the Life of Your Garments

April 7, 2023

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Sustainable Fashion Tips

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Let’s talk about garment care and sustainable fashion tips!

Garment care is important for a variety of reasons. Proper garment care helps us extend the life of our clothing. Extending the life of our garments has a profound impact that often is overlooked. 

When we extend the life of our garments we are able to build a long-lasting, sustainable wardrobe. By creating a sustainable wardrobe, we are able to keep unnecessary textiles from reaching landfills. 

We make it a point to talk to each of our clients about caring for the garments they invest in. Having the right tools is an important part of the clothing care process. Read below for our favorite garment care products!

Sweater Shaver

Sweater shavers are game-changing! This tool will help remove small or large amounts of pilling. This allows your sweaters and other items to stay looking brand-spanking new for years on end.

Gentle Detergent

Many types of fibers used for clothing can be very delicate and easily damaged. Switching your detergents to something gentle is an easy way to make your garments last.

Stain Remover

Treating stains as soon as possible can make all the difference in the longevity of your clothing. When we let stains sit, they can be very difficult to remove. We love keeping stain-removing sticks on hand for this purpose.

Drying Rack

Before tossing your garments in the dryer, be sure to check the care labels. Dryers will cause wear and tear on our clothing, especially our delicates. Opt for hanging and drying your clothes instead of tossing them in the dryer.

Delicates Bag

Speaking of delicates, when washing these items, make sure to place them in a delicates bag. This will protect them from being damaged while in the wash.


Proper hangers will help maintain the shape of your clothing. Toss out your wire and plastic hangers and opt for either wooden or velvet hangers. We love velvet hangers for most garments as they prevent slipping and maintain shape quite well! Wooden hangers are excellent for jackets and outerwear, as they tend to be very sturdy.

Mending Kit

Do you have basic sewing skills or access to YouTube? Pick yourself up a mending kit to have on hand for small repairs like reattaching a button or fixing a hem.

Lavender Linen Spray

Lavender will not only keep your garments smelling fresh, but it also repels moths. Keep a lavender spray nearby to keep the pests away!

Sustainability Matters

Sadly, each year Americans are responsible for billions of textile waste. By taking small actions such as garment care, we can help reduce the amount of textile waste we produce. For more sustainable fashion tips, tricks, and advice, follow us on Instagram or Pinterest. You can also find our sustainable shopping guide here. Click on our LTK page to find our favorite garment care products.

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