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2022 Denim Trends By Style Archetype

2022 denim trends

April 21, 2022

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The Denim Dish: Trends for 2022

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For most of us on the go gals, denim holds a special place in our hearts. It can be elevated or casual, it is a breeze to put on, and it comes in so many gosh darn fits, colors, and styles. Honestly, there are so many choices out there! Where do you even begin? To make it a little bit easier for you, we decided to look at the top denim trends of 2022 and break them down in a new way.

Because here’s the thing about trends – they are super fun, fresh, and new (again), however, they do encourage us to spend more money on things we may or may not need, or on items that don’t have lasting power in our closet. It plays into the whole fast-fashion/capitalistic mindset that we are all so used to experiencing. 

Trends, but make it sustainable

Our goal is to find solid middle ground between having fun with trends and purchasing quality items that will stay in your wardrobe for longer than one or two seasons. Therefore, we put together a guide of denim trends per style archetype, so that (if you know your style archetypes), you can shop more sustainably and ultimately get more out of the investments you make. Don’t know your style archetype? No problem. Connect with us to start your own personal style discovery! Now, on to the trends. 

Hit me baby (one more time?)

The denim trends of 2022 are all about that sweet, sweet Y2K nostalgia. Yes, you heard correctly. We are going back to the days of low waistlines, wide legs, extra-long lengths, and even the cargo/carpenter look if you can believe it. Now, I know this is bad news for you skinny jean lifers. The world will go on, we promise. 


But I will say, this time period was one of really strong female empowerment. We had artists like Alanis Morrisette, Gwen Stefani, and Lauryn Hill (to only name a few) who pushed boundaries through their music. We had powerful women on screen through shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Daria, and Xena: Warrior Princess who made us feel like we could be all the things we wanted to be.

I could go on, but I think you get the point. Feeling back into this vibe through our denim may seem insignificant, but I think it gives us an opportunity to channel that energy back into our lives and remind ourselves that “grl pwr” is POWER. 

Dramatic Denim Trends

dramatic denim trends 2022

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The Dramatic archetype is able to play into the exaggerated wide-leg trend extremely well. As long as the lines are clean, crisp, and sharp, you really can’t go wrong. You could pair these jeans with an angular blouse or with a cool graphic tee, as we have here! Touches of chunky chain-themed accessories are really on-trend right now as well, which hearken back to the 2000s even more. 

Cosmopolitan Denim Trends

cosmopolitan denim trends 2022

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Another trend from the Y2K era you might recall is the beloved flare leg jean. And for the Cosmopolitan archetype, a clean, tailored version of the flare feels just right. With a dark wash, it has the ability to make a powerful statement while vibing with the youthful energy this trend has. When paired with sleek accessories, heeled booties, and a power blazer, this woman is ready to take on the world. 

Classic Denim Trends

classic denim trends 2022

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The Classic archetype presents a small challenge when it comes to the present trends. She does not want to be loud or bend the rules (the same goes for our Ingenue gal), and that is what these trends are all about. However, it is possible to play into the vibes by going with a tailored, slim, straight-leg jean. This cut allows the Classic to expand her horizons just a bit while staying in her lane. When worn with pearls and loafers, it gives us serious Clueless vibes. 

Natural Denim Trends

natural denim trends 2022

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We absolutely love the carpenter pant trend for our Natural archetype. This style screams “I’m relaxed” with the baggy leg shape and easy fit. The Natural woman just wants to feel comfortable, after all. And when styling, no need to overcomplicate things. Just throw on a lightweight short sleeve white button down top and some slip on sandals and call it a day! Opt for jeweled accessories, as they are the perfect accent for natural, down to earth tone. 

Creative Denim Trends

creative denim trends 2022

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We know that reintroducing the low to mid-rise jeans back into our lives is a little…scary. But if there’s anyone who can wear them with confidence, it’s the Creative archetype. This woman is generally unafraid of trying new things or wearing items in new ways. So we think that a lower rise paired with a wide leg is the perfect way for this archetype to embrace this year’s trends. This jean serves as the creative foundation for a wide array of outfits that could be put together. The sky is the limit, after all! Any mix of textures and colors will do it.

Gamine Denim Trends

gamine denim trends 2022

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The Gamine archetype is going to take the 2000s nostalgia and bring it to a whole other level. We are talking about chunky sandals, crochet tops and accessories, daisies and pastel colors, need we say more? A Gamine would be right at home in the cargo/carpenter pant style, but with more of an edge than the style we chose for the Natural woman. We are talking about adding in a low rise, sharper, wider legs, and maybe fun colors or patterns. Beaded bags are a hot take right now, so of course the Gamine is all over that too. What won’t she try?

Ingenue Denim Trends

ingenue denim trends 2022

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The Ingenue archetype is going to feel most at home in small scale, neat and sweet items. In terms of this year’s denim trends, she will feel her best in a cropped, bootcut jean, in lieu of the flare. Consider it her version of the flare jean! Our gal next door would feel right as rain in white denim, styled with a chambray top and espadrille wedges. Top it off with a pearl embellished headband and she’s ready for her picnic date or brunch with the girls. 

Romantic Denim Trends

romantic denim trends 2022

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As the Romantic is all about those rounded curves, it seems simply natural that a dramatic flare is just the ticket for this archetype. This “drama flare” plays well with ruffled tops, chunky bangles, and strappy sandals. Add a circular purse and she’s ready for a night out on the town. This woman is straight up sexy and we are here for it. So is Freddy Prince Jr. 

The trends will continue on…

There will be dozens of new trends each year as determined by untouchable forward thinkers in the fashion industry and all we can really do is learn how to incorporate these trendy items into our wardrobe in a way that empowers us. And you can do that by making thoughtful choices in accordance to your own style archetype and choosing the best quality that you can afford to give each item in your wardrobe a long life.

If you’re ready to start your own sustainable shopping journey and want to incorporate this year’s denim trends into the mix, let us build a style box for you! Our consignment shop Found offers personalized style boxes you can order regularly or just one at a time, depending on how you like it. We can customize your box to your needs, season, style archetype, and more! Keep what you like, send the rest back. It’s just that simple folks. Until next time! 

x, Shelly

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