Found by Flourish offers sustainable style box subscriptions curated to your personal style! 

Style Box Subscription

A one-of-a-kind subscription for celebrating you!

Flourish Finds for Sustainable Living

In the spring of 2020, we launched style box subscriptions as a way to connect with women all over the country through the magic of personal style. While there are endless options for style boxes out there, we stand out for two big reasons. 

1. Our style boxes are SUSTAINABLE! All items come from Found, which is home to lightly loved, like new, and new items that are looking for their next home. 

2. Each style box is packed by a professional personal stylist whose main goal is to get to the core of who you are and help you curate your wardrobe to suit who you are on the inside. 

We believe that style comes in every shape, size, and budget! 

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Take the style box questionnaire to let us know your sizes, style goals, preferences, and what you need the most from your box!

Once you receive your box, you have 7 days to try on your items, send us selfies, and ask for feedback! You will also receive a short video made by us with styling suggestions for each item in your box. 

Your stylist will reach out to you before packing your bag to confirm your information and make sure you're both on the same page.

Keep what you love and return the rest by day 8 with a prepaid label so we can process your returns in a timely manner.





Your Style Box

From start to finish

Want to elevate your style box experience even more?

Hop on a discovery call and schedule your personal style discovery service! Through this, we uncover your personal style archetypes that will guide us in choosing the perfect items for you. This essentially guarantees that each item you receive will resonate with who you are and your style goals. You will end up with more items you love, and better yet, feel confident and authentic.

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Style Box FAQs


Does the $50 deposit apply to my keepers?

Yes! Your deposit is applied directly to any items you decide to keep. 

How often can I receive a style box?

You can order one box to start without committing to a subscription and then opt for one box per month or one box every other month depending on your needs. 

How many items will I receive in my box?

Style boxes typically contain around 5-8 items depending on your requests and budget. 

How expensive will my box be?

The grand total for an average box lands between $150 - $250 but is truly a reflection of a price that feels comfortable for you. 

What happens if I don’t send my box back after my 7-day try-on period ends?

If your style box does not start tracking by the 8th day of possession, we will assume you have decided to keep all items you received and you will be charged in full after applying your deposit. If you have any issues with returning your box, please reach out to us within your 7-day try-on period. 

Do you offer items in extended sizes?

Absolutely. We believe that women of all shapes and sizes deserve to feel stylish, confident, and authentic to who they are.

Is shipping included?

Yes, shipping is free to you and you will also receive a free return label to use if you decide to send anything back to us. 

Is there a restocking fee for items I send back?

We do charge a $10 flat fee for restocking any items you send back to us. That fee goes towards the time it takes our small team to make sure items are returned in the condition in which they were sent, to do any refreshing or steaming, and to re-merchandise in our store. 

How do you know what my style is?

The questionnaire you take at the beginning of the process is designed to help us get to know you and your style goals in a deeper way. We take the time to follow up with you before we pack your box, and our professional expertise allows us to ask important questions. We always ask for feedback on each box/item you receive so that we can provide you with consistently successful boxes. Your style success is of the utmost importance to us. 

Does my information stay private?

Any information you share with Found and/or Flourish through discovery calls, service appointments, or otherwise, stays 100% private. You may view our Privacy Policy here


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