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A Guide For Refreshing Your Wardrobe Basics

March 5, 2024

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Let’s Give Your Wardrobe Basics a Little Love! 🌟

As we wave goodbye to one season and roll out the red carpet for another, it’s the perfect time for a little closet rendezvous. Why? Because those wardrobe basics (yes, we’re looking at you, beloved jeans and trusty tees) are about to get their moment in the spotlight. Let’s dive into why now is the perfect time to give them a once-over, and why regularly scheduled check-ins with your wardrobe is essential.

Check Up on Your Cherished Classics

First things first, let’s talk condition. Those basics work hard to keep your style on point, so a little TLC might be in order. Faded black jeans turning a sad shade of gray? White shirts looking a bit… well, not so white? It might be time for an upgrade. Basics in poor condition can detract from the overall appearance of your outfit, no matter how on-trend or expensive the rest of your pieces may be. 

Tees and Tanks

When looking at tees of any kind, look specifically at the neckline and underarms for discoloration. Sometimes our beloved tees can pill over time, and you can assess whether a pilling shaver will do the trick, or if it is beyond saving. (By the way, there are a lot of creative ways to reuse/recycle worn clothing and we highly recommend researching ways to do this vs throwing things away). 

Jeans and Shorts

Jeans and shorts frequently show wear in places like the crotch (hello, thigh rub), the pockets can come loose, and belt loops can come detached. While pockets and belt loops can be reattached, wear in the thighs is more difficult to repair. You can confer with your local mending business (in Pittsburgh, we love Old Flame Mending!) to see if repair is possible. 

The Unmentionables

Don’t forget to leave out your unmentionables from this evaluation! There’s nothing like an ill-fitting bra to take away the magic from your best outfits. Try on all of your bras and undies to make sure the quality is still holding strong. Does the band still fit, or are you finding that you are using the last set of hooks and it is still a little loosey goosey? Evaluate your straps, are they holding where they are supposed to be? We recommend getting a professional bra fitting once a year to make sure you are giving your bubbies the love they deserve.

When it comes to replacing items, we encourage our clients invest in high-quality basics that maintain their integrity over time, because they have to replace them less frequently – and also lends itself to sustainability!

Fit: The Make-or-Break Magic

Now, onto the fit — because if it doesn’t fit right, it’s just not going to work. Bodies change, styles evolve, and what once was a match made in heaven might now be more meh than marvelous. Try on your go-tos and see if they’re still doing you justice. If not, it’s out with the old and in with the new, ensuring everything you wear celebrates you just as you are today. For items that are in great condition but don’t fit, we suggest donating them to a local clothing organization that provides support to those who need it most. 

<Insert shameless plug here> If you find that you struggle to find staple jeans that fit or work for your style, check out our newly released Denim Guide. It is a 78-page digital download that explores the nuances of jeans across the Flourish Style Archetypes, body types/shapes, and even seasonal color palettes. We know how frustrating it can be to settle for an “okay” jean for the sake of having something to wear. This e-book provides a departure from that reality and propels you into a new one, where things just work. 

Function is Your Closet’s Best Friend

Functionality and versatility are the names of the game when it comes to basics. Can you layer a blazer over your white tee for casual office vibes and then dress it down for Taco Tuesday? The best basics play well with others, making mix-and-match a breeze and getting you the most bang for your fashion buck. 

Are there wardrobe staples in your closet that you just aren’t grabbing? If so, think about the why. Does it fit, do you even still like it? Do you not know how to style it? We totally understand, been there and done that (repeatedly). First of all, try it on. This goes back to our point about fit. If it fits, the next step would be to shop your closet. We know it sounds like an interesting concept, but giving yourself the time to try your items on in different ways can lead to some really great discoveries! And of course if you want or need support in this process, we are here to help. 

Update Time? Yes, Please!

As you’re giving your basics the once-over, think about whether they still vibe with your current style and life. Maybe you’ve embraced a new work environment, or perhaps comfy chic is more your jam these days. If your essentials feel stale or just too worn, it’s time for a refresh that reflects the fabulous you, right here, right now. 

Updating your closet provides you with the perfect opportunity to take a moment and get to know yourself again. Has your body changed? Do you feel like your outside appearance doesn’t match the inside? Do you feel like you need direction or support? Asking these questions can help you gain clarity on next steps

Building a Wardrobe That Wows

Revamping your basics transcends whatever the latest trends are; it’s about creating a timeless yet contemporary foundation for your wardrobe that’s as adaptable and dynamic as you are. With essentials that are in tip-top shape, fit like a dream, and versatile to boot, you’re ready to take on the fashion world by storm, no matter the season.

Our List of Wardrobe Basics

  • Foundational garments: the underneath items like undies, socks, bras, and shape wear. 
  • Tees/tanks/bodysuits
  • A lightweight jacket
  • Jeans
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