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April 30, 2022

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The low-down on style box subscriptions 

What can we say about style boxes that hasn’t already been said? It is safe to say that most of us these days are familiar with the concept of a clothing subscription box. Stitch Fix, in its heyday, was the leader of this movement. But lately, we feel has fallen short of meeting the expectations of her customers. 

Fun process – disappointing results

We have heard numerous stories of how subscribers end up not receiving items they request, feel that the style doesn’t hit quite right and that individual items have a high price point. In the last several years, competitors like Wantable have popped up to give us more options for this type of service as demand increases. But we find that it tends to miss the mark in the same way that Stitch Fix does. 


Here’s a thought…

As we noodled on all of the stories we have heard regarding these disappointing experiences, we were hit with a moment of earth-shattering clarity – we need to launch a style box service. This epiphany couldn’t have come at a better time. The pandemic had hit full stride (back in good ol’ 2020) and we were looking for a way to continue serving our clients in a way that worked for everyone. Sometimes those pieces just fall right into place. 

found style boxes

Why our style boxes rule

Our style boxes stand out from the crowd for two big reasons. One is that they are packed by a professional personal stylist. Audrey, who has ten years of experience in her field, takes the information you provide and, with the help of her styling associates, curates a personalized collection of items just for you. She even offers styling tips for the items you receive, so it is literally like having a virtual personal stylist by your side. 

The second reason our boxes shine is that they are sustainable. All of the items in our boxes come from our consignment store, Found. All items that we accept for our store are in like new or gently used condition, encompass a wide array of brands and designers, and are all roughly 50% off (or less!) than their original retail price. So ultimately, you get to benefit from lower priced, high quality items and have the opportunity to save beautiful clothing from landfills. What’s not to love?!


Take it to the next level!

Bonus note: if you want to kick your style boxes up a notch or two, you can hop on a discovery call with Audrey and schedule your personal style discovery service! Through this, we uncover your personal style archetypes that will guide us in choosing the perfect items for you. This essentially guarantees that each item you receive will resonate with who you are and your style goals. You will end up with more items you love, and better yet, feel confident in your authenticity. 

shopping for style box

The nitty gritty on our style boxes

Our style box process begins with a questionnaire that allows us to get to know you, your style goals, your wardrobe challenges, and the types of items you would like to receive. Many of our customers choose to start with a one off box to see how they like it, but we also offer monthly boxes, or one every other month. Quarterly boxes are also an option, but would require you to also sign up for the personal style discovery service so that we are able to successfully meet your needs and goals over time. 


Let’s get going!

After you order your style box you can expect to hear from your stylist within three business days. We take the time to reach out to you to let you know we have reviewed your questionnaire and ask you any additional questions we may have. The deposit we require is applied to any keepers you receive but if for some reason we completely missed the mark, your deposit will be applied to your next box. 

found flourish style box

Style for every shape, style, and budget

You can expect to receive around 5 to 8 items based on your requests. The grand total on average hovers between $150 and $250 but is truly a reflection of a price that feels comfortable for you. Found carries everything from Old Navy to Chanel – style comes in every shape and budget! Shipping is on us and you’ll receive a return label with your package for a seamless experience. 


Keep what you love, return the rest

Once your box has arrived, you have 7 full days to try on your items, send us selfies, and ask for feedback. We are always here to support you as you try new things! If you have any items to send back to us, we ask that you do so promptly by day 8 so that we can process returns and serve our other clients in a timely manner. If we do not hear from you within this time frame and your box does not start tracking after day 8, we will assume that everything worked out and you’ll be charged in full. 

That being said, we know that life can get hectic and things come up! If you are having any issues, please just let us know. We are here to help! We charge a $10 flat fee for items sent back to us. This goes toward the time spent making sure items are returned in the same condition they were sent in, cleaned or steamed as needed, re-entering the items back into our system, and merchandising in the store. 


You are amazing, be yourself!

Last but not least,  the majority of our style box subscribers start with one box to make sure they enjoy the experience of working with us. More often than not, these clients turn into monthly subscribers because of the care and attention we put into selecting the best items. This is because we set goals for ourselves to offer top notch customer service, expertise, and support in uncovering your own unique style! Everyone deserves to dig deeper into who they are, embody their authentic self, and show it to the world. We are here to support you and hope you’ll join us! If you’re ready to get started, click the link here. It will take you to our style box questionnaire so we can get to know you and you can tell us what you need! If you have any additional questions please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.


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